Redundancy = Another week down

Well here I am again… It’s Saturday and I reflect back on another week job searching.

Yesterday I went for a third interview with a company I have been talking to for some months. When I first met with them they advised that they take their time finding the right people….. they sure do !  But I have to say I felt really good after yesterday’s interview.


I realised a few things.

I realised that I am good and that I have reason to be ambitious. I know my craft, I am highly skilled and despite being a tough journey, having to apply for jobs and talk about myself is helping me to tease out those skills that help me sell my own brand. I am learning to relate my skills to new opportunities and different arms of business.

When I present for an interview, I present as the smart and savvy woman I know I am. I dress for success and even if I am feeling quite vulnerable and fragile inside, to those meeting me I am confident they see me as a friendly, upfront, likeable human being with strong capabilities and endless potential. Funny though, for someone who has lived in high heels, who walked with purpose and displayed confidence, yesterday as I walked towards the meeting, I felt uncomfortable in my shoes. My feet hurt.

A light bulb moment. Months spent at home, on the phone, in front of the computer has kept me out of high heels. My feet seem to have spread… my shoes hurt !

So, feeling pretty good about yesterdays interview, feeling like I am worthy of employing and certainly starting to be confident in my skills. I don’t think it will be much longer……

When this is over and I am happily back in the workforce, I plan to spend time reflecting on how redundancies should be handled and executed, how to prepare people in advance for when this happens and how to hit the ground running when the axe falls. I have a story to tell about how my redundancy was conducted and it is a lesson learnt on what NOT to do.

Fingers crossed !


About Daughter in Law

I have been married for 35 years, great family and friends. I am a career driven lady, with a zest for life. Being married for this long has been a journey. I married young, was madly in love and no one could have stopped me from marrying the guy I loved. This blog is a journey through the years of my marriage. The trials of marrying an only child, dealing with a very possessive mother in law and managing the constant interference. This is also therapy for me, as having tried so hard to keep a relationship with my mother-in-law, it did deteriorate. This could be some words of advice to anyone in love, blinded by love and embarking on a journey similar to mine. I always said I would write a book, maybe this is the first step to doing that. This is my story, my diary of being a daughter in law.
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