Welcome to my blog.

Although I love to chat…nickname “have a chat !”  this is my first attempt at blogging.

Why have I started now ?…well..

Eight months ago my position was deemed redundant. For someone who sells their soul to a job, who works tirelessly to reach goals and targets, who aligns themselves to the business; as common as redundancy is these days…it still hit hard.

So for months whilst I have been searching for a new path, I have also being trying to deal with the downside of redundancy. The break in daily contact with work colleagues, having time when others don’t, being at home for the first time in 20+ years and not having the income that I was accustomed to.

I decided that my feelings and experiences would be best shared instead of keeping them to myself, experiencing dark thoughts and becoming bitter and twisted.

I want to be my happy productive self. I want to be active in the workplace and I want to do what I do best..build businesses, create a happy work place, be a mentor and talent spotter and just be me.

So here I am. Please give me feedback on my posts. If they are boring please tell me. Likewise if you enjoy them, I would love the positive feedback. This is therapeutic for me but if they start to bring YOU down..please yell STOP !

Enjoy people.



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