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I have been married for 35 years, great family and friends. I am a career driven lady, with a zest for life. Being married for this long has been a journey. I married young, was madly in love and no one could have stopped me from marrying the guy I loved. This blog is a journey through the years of my marriage. The trials of marrying an only child, dealing with a very possessive mother in law and managing the constant interference. This is also therapy for me, as having tried so hard to keep a relationship with my mother-in-law, it did deteriorate. This could be some words of advice to anyone in love, blinded by love and embarking on a journey similar to mine. I always said I would write a book, maybe this is the first step to doing that. This is my story, my diary of being a daughter in law.

Redundancy = It has to end soon !

Well here I am again…another week almost over and still no employment. Since my last blog, in which I advised that I would be going for the third interview….. and to keep all fingers crossed… Well it didn’t turn out … Continue reading

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Redundancy = Another week down

Well here I am again… It’s Saturday and I reflect back on another week job searching. Yesterday I went for a third interview with a company I have been talking to for some months. When I first met with them … Continue reading

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Redundancy = Ambition and Drive

It’s been many months since my “redundancy” occurred. At the time I felt like I had all the time in the world to find a new place in the workforce. How quickly that time has gone and although having explored … Continue reading

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