Redundancy = It has to end soon !

Well here I am again…another week almost over and still no employment.

Since my last blog, in which I advised that I would be going for the third interview….. and to keep all fingers crossed…

Well it didn’t turn out to be gainful employment. Instead after three interviews I received the news that there was no job offer. Frustrating? Hell yes !

The process started with this company some three months ago. After hefty parking fees to attend each interview ( I think in total they amount to $124) long trips to the Qantas lounge (from my home that’s about 60km each way) and the time in preparing for these meetings I am left feeling a little peeved. I am trying not to be bitter, but it is hard.

What am I doing wrong. I felt so good after the third interview. 

I have decided that once this is all over and I am back working, I will have a whole new respect for the job seeker.  I myself as an employer had become complacent to the gruelling exercise that looking for employment is. I will make sure I return phone calls. I will make sure I advise applicants if they are unsuccessful. I will offer advice and feedback when they are unsuccessful following interviews.  It is so disappointing that so many professionals think it is beneath them to have some empathy for those going through this revolting process. 

Some suggest that it is a therapeutic process and that it can be a journey of self discovery. Rubbish. 

I know I am employable. I know my skills are broad and transferable and I know that I bring absolute value to any business. I did nothing wrong, the company restructured leaving me without a job. Yet why do I sense a stigma attached to being in redundancy mode?

I have had sleepless nights wondering where I am going wrong. I have dark thoughts about my self worth and have questioned my abilities and whether they are indeed a figment of my imagination. 

Any advice would be welcome. For eight months I have remained up beat and ready to take on the world…. the world doesn’t seem to want me.  



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Redundancy = Another week down

Well here I am again… It’s Saturday and I reflect back on another week job searching.

Yesterday I went for a third interview with a company I have been talking to for some months. When I first met with them they advised that they take their time finding the right people….. they sure do !  But I have to say I felt really good after yesterday’s interview.


I realised a few things.

I realised that I am good and that I have reason to be ambitious. I know my craft, I am highly skilled and despite being a tough journey, having to apply for jobs and talk about myself is helping me to tease out those skills that help me sell my own brand. I am learning to relate my skills to new opportunities and different arms of business.

When I present for an interview, I present as the smart and savvy woman I know I am. I dress for success and even if I am feeling quite vulnerable and fragile inside, to those meeting me I am confident they see me as a friendly, upfront, likeable human being with strong capabilities and endless potential. Funny though, for someone who has lived in high heels, who walked with purpose and displayed confidence, yesterday as I walked towards the meeting, I felt uncomfortable in my shoes. My feet hurt.

A light bulb moment. Months spent at home, on the phone, in front of the computer has kept me out of high heels. My feet seem to have spread… my shoes hurt !

So, feeling pretty good about yesterdays interview, feeling like I am worthy of employing and certainly starting to be confident in my skills. I don’t think it will be much longer……

When this is over and I am happily back in the workforce, I plan to spend time reflecting on how redundancies should be handled and executed, how to prepare people in advance for when this happens and how to hit the ground running when the axe falls. I have a story to tell about how my redundancy was conducted and it is a lesson learnt on what NOT to do.

Fingers crossed !

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Redundancy = Ambition and Drive

It’s been many months since my “redundancy” occurred. At the time I felt like I had all the time in the world to find a new place in the workforce. How quickly that time has gone and although having explored many avenues I find my self still unemployed. My budget is stretched, my confidence is suffering and although trying hard not to be bitter and disappointed every now and then those feelings creep in.

How do you stop feeling like it’s all too hard? Reaching out to old acquaintances for contacts and job leads is difficult. When you are used to being the one helping others, it is sometimes deflating to be the one needing help.

Where did some of my contacts go? All those people who called me following news of my departure, who offered to help “just give me a call”… “let’s do lunch”.. “I have a friend who..” where did they go? Makes me wonder did they just need me when I could bring $$ to their business and win me over with their smooth business talk to add my business to their portfolio. Sadly, I think this is true of some of them.

Well boys…. I DON’T NEED YOU ! I have pondered over a glass of wine many afternoons. I know I am smart. I know I am valuable to a business. I know I am talented and well liked. And guess what… I HAVE AMBITION !

One day, when you are in the same position and you reach out to me for reassurance and general guidance, I will most certainly help you and even just listen to you. Why ? Because that’s what good people in business do. We don’t make empty promises and give false hope. Corporate life is hard, at any time it could be you.

So, where to from here?

Things are looking up. Interviews are now starting to happen and I know that very soon, I will be clicking those heels down a hallway just like old times.

Stay tuned.

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